Socio-Reforms Society was established in 1985 in Jeddah. This is purely a social welfare organization for those who believe in a revolution without being involved in any particular political or religious party or group.


1. Fight for justice

2. Fight for the eradication of Dowry system and refrain the society from its vicious consequences like poverty, violation of Human Rights, Violation of Women's Rights, injustice with the brothers who have to sacrifice their future for the sake of Sisters' marriages, Social blackmail of the parents of the brides, Extravagance, Race for earning by hook or crook to wed the daughters, unequal distribution of inheritance of the father, consequent divorces, strained relations, Police & Court cases and family break-ups.

3. Socio-Reforms Society firmly believes that if the marriage system and the family system is adopted strictly from the life of the Prophet Mohammed SAWS and his companions, all the evils mentioned above can be eradicated. There is no way other than the way of Islam to bring peace and justice in the society.

4. Provide counselling before and after marriage.

5. Fight for Human Rights, Women's Rights, gender injustice and every kind of oppression on the woman.

6. Endeavour for empowerment

7. Spread Education

8. Strive for unity among all the religions and communities and boost secular values.

9. Help to abolish child labour.

Aleem Khan Falaki


- M.A from Maulana Azad National Urdu University, Hyderabad

- Diploma in Marriage counselling from Leister, UK

Profession: Business

Written Works:

→ Mard bhi jism bechte hain…. jahez ke liye (urdu)

→ Mard bhi bikte hain…. jahez ke liye (urdu, deonagri)

→ Life insurance and Muslims (English)

→ Ek koshish aur…… (counseling) in Urdu

→ Baat hai zamane ki (urdu humour)

→ For Allah’s sake don’t make nafil Umra & Haj a picnic (English, urdu, deonagri)

Who is who?

To achieve these goals, SRS has been registered with Government of Telangana at Hyderabad.

Dr. Aleem Khan Falaki, a PhD from Maunlana Azad National University, who has authored several books and articles covering various aspects of the social welfare, being the founder of the Society, was elected Chairman of the Society. (Jeddah 00966 504627452 India 00919642571721)

Those who pledge to boycott the extravagant ceremonies of any kind and the parties where the dowry or dinner is taken from the bride's parents, will be called a "Reformist".

Modus Operandi

To achieve the above mentioned goals, Socio Reforms Society of India is carrying out following activities.

1. Using every opportunity to address the people, particularly the youths at colleges and Universities. Holding seminars and lectures at community centres and religious centres of every religion. 

2. Publishing books to bring the awareness against Dowry system in various languages.

3. Producing videos, audios, films and documentaries to spread awareness.

4. Using Social media like Facebook, WhatsApp. Twitter, Youtube and Emails to convey the message.

5. Rallies, Elocution competitions, Essay writing competitions, Marathon race, Mushairas and Kavi Sammelan.

6. Going to launch a magazine very soon. This will be an organ of the movement. 


  • “Educated from Jama Nizamiya, Hyderabad, an eloquent speaker and strong activist against the dowry system born in Hyderabad. He is in-charge of the Counselling centre at Misri Ganj.” 

    Hafez Sheikh Hussain
  • "He heads a Software Development Firm eSwiftSoftware based out of Hyderabad. Also volunteers for the SRS website Development and Social Media Coordinator."

    Sayeed MA
  • “He is currently working as an Editor for Taemeer Nau, Also acts as the Website moderator for SRS handling the hosting environment.”

    Syed Mukarram Niaz
  • “Basically a publisher and RTI activist, looking after the legal matters of the society.”

    Arshad Hussain
  • “A Research Scholar at Maulana Azad National Urdu University, speaker and trainer of Personality Development is in charge of Magazine of the Society. She leads the college seminars, rallies and competitions among the school and college students.”

    Mumtaz Fatima
  • “A student of "Understand Quran" and "ArRahma.org", moderator of "Understand Islam" ladies group, speaker and devoted activist against dowry, incharge of Jeddah Ladies wing of SRS.”

    Fatima Tahseen

Associate Organizations

  • “Watan Welfare Organization, Nanded headed by Mr. Rayees Ahmed”

  • “Shaheen Education Society, Bidar Karnataka, headed by Dr. Abdul Qadeer”

  • “Safa Baitul Maal, Parbhani branch, headed by Dr. Anwar Ali Shah”

  • “Muslim Welfare Society, Kolkata, West Bengal, headed by Mr. Omer Khan”

  • “Social Reforms Society, Vianambadi, Tamil Nadu, headed by Mr. Faisal Basha”

  • “Unimus, Warangal, headed by Mr. Yahya Khan”

  • “Iman committee, Mahboob Nagar, headed by Mr. Saleem Ahmed”

  • “Bihar Anjuman, Patna, represented by Mr. Aijaz Ahmed”

  • “Khammam Muslim Welfare Association, headed by Mr. Ahsan Mustaqeemi”

  • “Socio-Reforms Society, Dammam Chapter headed by Mr. Syed Mansoor Shah”

  • “Socio-Reforms Society, USA Chapter, headed by Mr. Habeeb Alwi”

  • “Socio-Reforms Society, Mambra Chapter, headed by Mr. Mohammed Luqman”

  • “Socio-Reforms Society, Jeddah Chapter, headed by Engr. Nayeem Basheer”

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